Two New Programs Being Offered

We are excited to announce that two new Career Technical Education programs will be available for juniors starting in the fall of 2021. Both programs continue our tradition of providing hands-on programs in fields that are in-demand!  Students have the opportunity to earn college articulated credit and industry recognized credentials.    

Informational flyers for reach program can be found here:

Robotics and Automation Pathway

Education Professions Pathway

Interested students can apply to be in these programs here: CTE New Program Application 

Regardless of if a student was accepted into another CTE program, this is open to ALL sophomore students. 


The application window will be open 4/8/21- 4/21/21.  After April 21st, we will complete the first round of acceptance into these new programs


Robotics and Automation Pathway:

Automation and Robotics is a two-year program that will focus on tackling real-world projects, connecting with the local automation industry and providing internship opportunities.  Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to program, safely operate, and troubleshoot industrial robots and automation controllers. 

Students will learn to code and debug programs on industrial robots and automation systems in a number of programming languages. Students will gain necessary knowledge to operate industrial robots and automation controllers as well as get certified as operators.

Students will also compete in local and regional robotics competitions and be eligible for scholarships based on their success.

Students will complete projects, such as:

  • Teaching the robot to pick up and place items, write and/or draw as art projects

  • Managing controls systems in an amusement park scenario

  • Writing programs that will simulate real world scenarios such as traffic intersections, car washes and assembly lines

  • Collaborating with the other pathways to encourage  automation, such as watering and feeding in agriculture and green houses

Education Professions Pathway: 

Students will be exposed to the many career options as a licensed educator, including those that support students and families outside of the classroom.  They will have the opportunity to explore working with various grade levels and occupations within a school district. Students will also have the opportunity to earn their Ohio Pre-Apprenticeship certification of completion  in this program

Topics Include:

  • Education Principles

  • Form your own personal educational philosophy

  • Career Planning

  • Professional and Ethical Guidelines

  • Child and Adolescent Development

  • Family Engagement

  • Community Engagement

  • Cultural Influences on Learners

  • Classroom Management

  • Create and enforce classroom rules

  • Establish Classroom Routines

  • Model Self-Discipline for learners