LSC Program Insight

After speaking with instructors Mr. McKnight and Mrs. Tousignant, this is a short run down of the MBA program and what it entails. 

MBA is a two-year course at Mentor High School where students have the opportunity to learn, intern, and earn college credits while building the foundational skills they'll need in their future careers.  

Students in Marketing & Business Administration are also involved in DECA, which is a Career Technical Student Organization. DECA (Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs) is a non-profit student organization that educates young leaders and entrepreneurs and prepares them for the business world. 

Every year, the DECA organization hosts international competitions for both high school and college students to challenge their knowledge and apply what they have learned to real-world scenarios. Students are able to compete in any area that suits their interests, including sports and entertainment marketing, retail merchandising, principles of hospitality, marketing communications, human resources management, accounting, business finance, and more.

As a part of the Lake Shore Compact’s Marketing and Business Administration program, students spend a few weeks in class preparing for their DECA exam and event. By taking practice tests, reviewing role-play scenarios and studying key performance indicators (KPIs), students are prepared and confident for the regional and state competitions.

This year, mentor High School hosted approximately 400 students from schools in the greater Cleveland area to compete in a variety of events as outlined above.  An added bonus to the competition is the opportunity that these young, aspiring business students had to network with industry professionals. 

Attached to this post is the MBA program recruitment flyer for more information and a link below to an article written by (Evelyn Megery) a former MBA student that provides an excellent description of program and some of the opportunities available.