LSC Program Insight

Students in the Music Production and Engineering class study Avid Pro Tools. It is an industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) that is used in most professional studios. Once students are done with the course they get one semester of college credit toward audio engineering. In the past students have created music for our pep rallies earlier in the year and some students create and record music daily. Currently the students are recording audio advertisements as part of the lesson plan for the second semester. students are creating ads not only for classwork but will be on 107.9 soon. At the moment the Music Production and Engineering program is recording advertisements for 107.9 and studying for our credential exam. Securing credentials this year (1st year in the class) and focus on building a portfolio next year (second year in the class). Whether that be through capstone or building it in class during lab. Instructor S. Haynes would like options to be available for students when they graduate, to extend their careers in music. Students can hit the ground running and start producing and engineering right away, go to school for continuing education or both.