Lake Shore Compact

We are excited to announce our application window is now open for our Senior Only Industry Recognized Credential Programs!  

Our application window will be open from April 22nd - May 3rd.  Click here to apply or visit

Our Senior Only programs are for students in their senior year of high school, who have completed most of their curriculum requirements for graduation, and have time in their schedule to pursue an industry-recognized credential, making them more marketable upon high school graduation. 

Please see the attached catalog of our seven options including: 

  • Welding (11 College credit plus credits available) 

  • Mentor Fire EMT Academy (8 college credit plus credits available) 

  • Criminal Investigation (6 College credit plus credits available)

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Boutique Services

  • The Next Brand Challenge (Entrepreneurship)

  • Landscaping Technology

Lake Shore Compact Senior-Only Programs

All programs are excellent opportunities to help you become college prepared and career ready!