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Euclid Hosted CTE Programs Closed, Wednesday, September 14th

On Wednesday, September 14th, Euclid Schools will not be open to students, this includes Euclid-hosted CTE programs.

Please note that all Mentor Hosted CTE Programs will be open! Euclid students that attend programs at Mentor or Auburn-hosted programs will still be required to attend their programs. Buses will still run to and from EHS to Mentor & Auburn hosted programs. Students will not enter or attend anything at EHS. Mentor & Wickliffe students that attend Euclid-hosted programs will not have class in their programs. They shall report to their classes at their home schools only.

Lake Shore Compact Programs Run As Normal On Wednesdays!

While Mentor High has Late Start Wednesdays, all CTE bussing and CTE Programs run as normal! Please make sure you arrive for your bus at the normal time. The only exception is Allied Health and MBA. Those two programs will begin at 8:00am, but transportation to Mentor High still runs at the normal time for Euclid and Wickliffe students in those programs.

In addition, all Mentor High Seniors in offsite programs may leave their 5/6 class at 10:01 (if needed) on Wednesdays to prepare to get on their bus for their program.

CTE Open House Dates!

Our CTE Open Houses are a chance for families to see our locations and programs up close before the start of the school year!
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